Pharmaceutical Report
Column:Company News Time:2018-01-22
.Analysis of current situation of pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China.

Pharmaceutical industry needs a large number of specialty chemicals, formerly pharmaceutical industry production itself, but with the social division of labor and production requirements of technical progress, the pharmaceutical industry will transfer some pharmaceutical intermediates chemical enterprise production.Pharmaceutical intermediates are fine chemical products, and the production of pharmaceutical intermediates has become a new industry in the international chemical industry.

On the one hand, the export of pharmaceutical intermediates is not subject to the restrictions of importing countries;On the other hand, many large pharmaceutical companies in the United States and Europe consider the import of reliable pharmaceutical intermediates from developing countries in terms of cost saving and environmental protection requirements.At the same time, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry has some particularities, which makes China have a considerable advantage in the world.This has brought great business opportunities to our pharmaceutical intermediates.

At present, China needs more than 2000 kinds of raw materials and intermediates, with a demand of over 2.5 million tons.After 30 years of development, our country medicine required to produce the basic chemical raw materials and intermediates can form a complete set, only a few need to import, and because our country resources is rich, low price of raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates large supply of export.

Main apis and intermediates.

1. Antibiotics and intermediates.

The antibiotic drugs were divided into beta-lactam, sulfonamides, quinolones and so on.

It is an antibiotic.

After nearly half a century of development, our country has formed a complete production system.There are two types of antibiotics: penicillin and cephalosporin. Penicillin production in China ranks among the highest in the world.Cephalosporins are largely self-sufficient and can fight for some exports.

At present, almost all of them are produced in China, and the cost is very low.In addition to the semi-synthetic antibiotic, 7-aca and 7-adca require partial imports, China can produce almost all of them, and a large number of them are exported.


The antibacterial and intermediates of quinolones.

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are a new type of anti-infective agents developed in the early 1970s.Due to the use of the most widely used traditional antibiotic penicillin for many years, some drug resistance has been developed and some populations are allergic to penicillin and cannot be used.However, fluoroquinolone antimicrobials have a relatively broad spectrum, low toxicity, and moderate price, which is a kind of antibiotic that has developed rapidly in recent years.Our country has developed and has been engaged in batch production of fluoroquinolone antibiotics mainly norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, enoxacin, lomax, fluroxacin, etc.Norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, and ofloxacin were the largest, accounting for 98% of the total production of fluoroquinolone in China.

Quinolones are usually synthesized from fluorophenoline-containing hydroquinoline compounds with piperazine (or methyl piperazine).Due to the abundant fluorite reserves in China, it is one of the countries with the largest production of fluorine drugs and intermediates.More than 80% of them are supplied with fluorine intermediates.On the whole, the development of fluorobenzene intermediates in China is early, and there is a general surplus of production capacity.Trifluorotoluene intermediates developed late and developed rapidly in recent years.For heterocyclic aromatic compounds especially fluoride pyridine class, our country at present only a few research units and manufacturers have fluoride pyridine intermediates in the synthesis technology, therefore, fluoride pyridine intermediates will be in the next few years one of the main direction of research and development of domestic fluorine-contained intermediates.

2. Antipyretic analgesics and intermediates.

Our country has become the world's largest producer of antipyretic analgesics, aspirin, acetaminophen, analgin, the output of the three varieties are more than ten thousand tons, phenacetin, aminopyrine and antipyrine output of more than 1000 tons, ibuprofen, flapping inflammatory pain, indomethacin, bute, mail out the acid, double chlorine, relieving pain, fluorine ibuprofen production of more than 100 tons.For the antipyretic analgesic production of the intermediate production of large, production enterprises.

At the same time, due to the synthesis of antipyretic analgesics process pollution is serious, the United States and Western Europe is gradually give up production of the API, instead buying from China, so the output of antipyretic analgesics in our country is growing rapidly, is expected in the future will also be growing at around 8%.

Current situation of pharmaceutical intermediates industry.

The production enterprises are mostly private enterprises, operating flexibly;The investment is small, basically in the millions to 20 million.

The geographical distribution of the production enterprises is relatively concentrated, mainly distributed in zhejiang taizhou and jiangsu jintan as the center.

(3) the state pay more and more attention to environmental problem, which requires enterprises must construction, environmental protection treatment facilities for production of small private enterprises, the spending will bring them a lot of pressure.

One of the biggest features of the pharmaceutical intermediates is that the production rate is fast, and the profit margin is greatly reduced after 3-5 years.This forces companies to constantly develop new products or improve production processes to maintain high production margins.

5] because the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates profit higher than that of chemical products, both in the same production process, so there are more and more small chemical companies join in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, lead to disorderly competition increasingly fierce in the industry.

Compared [6] production of intermediates and apis, low profit margins, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates production process is the same, therefore, some enterprises have not only production intermediates, they use their own advantages, to start producing active pharmaceutical ingredients.Some experts point out that the development of pharmaceutical intermediates in the direction of API will be an inevitable trend.