The biomedical industry should seek innovation and development.
Column:Company News Time:2017-12-07
The biomedical industry should seek innovation and development.

Global biological services growth speed in recent years, top disciplines cross has become increasingly obvious, industry cluster size at first, talent accumulation effect appeared gradually, has become one of the most fiercely competitive field.With the continuous development of the biological industry, the biotechnology service industry will become a huge industry, which is conducive to the further promotion of China's biological industry.To accelerate the cultivation of biological industry is a major step for China to seize the strategic opportunity of the new scientific and technological revolution and to build an innovation-oriented country in the new century.With the advent of the biological economy, China's pharmaceutical industry faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

China has become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world.First of all, China is facing an aging population, aging population, changes in lifestyle, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular complications.The changes in the structure of the disease pose a challenge to the biopharmaceuticals industry as well as a huge market.Secondly, China has abundant animal resources, especially large animals and non-human primates, which provide excellent animal experimental platform for the industry.According to the analysis, the biological industry is developing at a rate of doubling every five years, which is 10 times the world average economic growth rate.

Biological pharmaceutical industry was favored, become a hot industry development, but a lack of original innovation industry, biological medicine, scientific research achievements conversion rate is low and so on five big reasons is restricting factors in the development of biological medicine industry in China.One is lack of source innovation.Currently, 97% of the drugs produced in China are generic drugs with low added value.None of the more than 2, 000 prescription drugs that are available worldwide are original in China.Second, China's biomedical research has not been widely cooperated.Third, the conversion rate of biomedical research achievements in China is low.Fourth, China's biological medicine industrialization talent shortage.Fifth, there is no mechanism suitable for the industrialization of biological medicine.

The biomedical industry should seize the opportunity and meet the challenge in the development process.Innovation is the key to the progress of the whole industry. The innovation ability is the vitality of the enterprise and the vitality of the whole industry.In recent years, many pharmaceutical companies rely on independent innovation and the introduction of international intelligence, industry overall technical level increased significantly, is by the generic primarily to independent innovation, parts development and industrialization pace has been walk in the forefront of the country.