Enterprise idea
Column:Company News Time:2018-01-01
Enterprise idea

Enterprise concept positioning

1) positioning model

(I) goal-oriented.

Adopting this positioning model, the enterprise will define or describe the goals and mental states that the enterprise should achieve in the course of operation.It can be divided into specific target type and abstract target type.Such as specific target type represented by the company: "popular car for production target", smoke want to target type have nissan enterprise idea: "create people with a car tomorrow," and the United States dupont "in order to better life, create a better product".

(2) solidarity and cohesion.

Adopting this positioning model, the enterprise will unite as the connotation of enterprise concept, and express solidarity and cohesion in specific language.For example, the "family" of talban airlines in the United States, Shanghai Volkswagen automobile co., LTD. "ten years of entrepreneurship, ten years of trees, ten years of dedication", etc., is this type.

(3) pioneering and innovative.

Using this kind of mode localization, the enterprise in order to struggle, pioneering and innovative team spirit and group consciousness to rules and describe the enterprise idea, such as Japan Honda's "eyes, to create" bethe company "continue to try and do it", Japan's sumitomo bank keep the traditional, more innovation, etc.

4. Product quality type.

Adopting such positioning model, enterprises generally define or describe the concept of enterprise by means of quality first, quality, brand name and so on.

(5) technical development.

This type of enterprise represents the spirit of enterprise with the development consciousness of cutting-edge technology, and focuses on the concept of enterprise developing new technology.This in front of the positioning and develop innovative is similar, the difference is that develop innovative based on an overall innovation spirit, the innovation permeates the enterprise all aspects of the technology, management, production, sales, and technology development based on the product of professional and technical development, the connotation of relatively much more narrow.Like Toshiba's "speed, sensitivity, and then strength", Canon's "forget the technology development, don't deserve to be called Canon".

(6) marketing.

This type of enterprise emphasizes the object that it serves, namely the demand of the customer, and the satisfaction of customer needs as its own business philosophy.Typically, McDonald's "customers are always the most important, the service is priceless, the company is everybody", and the "cheap and good quality" of the department store.

(7) quality service.

This kind of enterprise stands out as the customer, provides the quality service consciousness for the society, takes "customer first" as its management idea basic meaning.This concept is very common in many service industries such as retailing, catering and entertainment.