The characteristics of pharmaceutical intermediates in China.
Column:Company News Time:2017-10-12
The characteristics of pharmaceutical intermediates in China.

What are the characteristics of the pharmaceutical intermediates in China?Export pharmaceutical intermediates are not subject to the restrictions imposed by importing countries, as well as the transfer of world pharmaceutical intermediates to developing countries.At present, the chemical raw materials and intermediates required by Chinese pharmaceutical production are basically matched, and only a few need to be imported.And because of China's abundant resources, raw materials prices are low, many pharmaceutical intermediates have also achieved a lot of exports.

Drug production requires a large number of special chemicals.Most of these chemicals were originally produced by the pharmaceutical industry, but as the social division of labor went deeper and the production technology improved, the pharmaceutical industry had transferred some pharmaceutical intermediates to the production of chemical enterprises.At present, the pharmaceutical industry in China needs more than 2000 kinds of raw materials and intermediates, and the demand is over 2.5 million tons.

At present, there are six characteristics in China's pharmaceutical intermediates industry: first, the enterprises are mostly private enterprises, operating flexibly, and the investment is small, which is basically between millions and 20 million yuan.Second, the geographical distribution of enterprises is relatively concentrated, mainly in zhejiang taizhou and jiangsu jintan as the center;Third, as the state pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the pressure on enterprises to build environmental treatment facilities is increasing.Fourth, the product is updated quickly, and the profit margin is greatly reduced after 3 ~ 5 years, forcing the enterprise to constantly develop new products or improve the process to obtain higher profits.5 it is because the profit is higher than general chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates production production process is basically the same, there are more and more small chemical companies to join to the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, lead to the disordered competition increasingly fierce;Six is compared with the active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates production profit margins is low, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates production process are similar, so some companies are not only production of intermediates, also use their own advantages to start production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

As early as the 1980s and 1990s, many small chemical enterprises joined in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates because the production of pharmaceutical intermediates was higher than that of general chemical products.However, in the face of the fierce competition in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry, many enterprises have started to shift to the production of API.It is pointed out that the development of pharmaceutical intermediates is an inevitable trend.However, due to the single use of API, the pharmaceutical enterprises have a great influence on it, and domestic enterprises often develop products without users.Therefore, production enterprises should establish long-term and stable supply relationship with pharmaceutical enterprises to ensure the smooth sales of products.