China Pharmaceutical intermediates
Column:Industry Trends Time:2017-12-28
Pharmaceutical intermediates and the international transfer of China's growth over the global average.

Pharmaceutical intermediates are chemical products, but they are closely related to medicine and provide primary and auxiliary chemicals for the synthesis of API.With low cost and abundant supply of chemical raw materials, our country has formed a strong intermediate production capacity, which has been able to produce more than 2000 kinds of intermediates, and the market size is close to 200 billion yuan.

It is expected that in the background of industrial transfer, the growth of pharmaceutical intermediates in China exceeds the global average, and the future industry growth rate is more than 15%, while the advanced pharmaceutical intermediates are faster.

Listed pharmaceutical intermediates enterprises involved in biological medicine, cancer, diabetes, antibiotics, and other varieties, intermediate products and application of the corresponding field of each are not identical, but according to the management pattern, can be simplified into custom and self-marketing mode.Among them, the former competitiveness is embodied in r&d, customer base, management and production system, while the latter is embodied in scale, cost and process control.