In 2010, the export amount of Chinese chemical agents increased by 30%.
Column:Industry Trends Time:2017-12-28
In 2010, the export amount of Chinese chemical agents increased by 30%.

China's chemical preparation industry emerged from the shadow of the financial crisis in 2010, and the export of domestic chemical agents has made good progress.However, due to the stimulus of the export tax rebate from 13% to 15%, the annual export amount of the domestic chemical preparation industry reached us $1.5 billion, up 30% year on year, and achieved good results.

Cic advisory pharmaceutical industry researcher Guo Fan li pointed out that our country is API production country, but generally low added value, while the part of enterprises in export has good resources and channels, but due to the strict foreign standards, especially for the high threshold, such as the European Union, the United States target of part of domestic enterprises in developing countries, although these are far below the threshold of the country or region and standards in developed countries, but at the same time, domestic enterprises can obtain the profit is very less.

According to guo, there is a boom in patent medicine in the world, which is not only an opportunity for China's pharmaceutical industry, but also a serious challenge.With the support of policy, our country chemical medicine enterprise to reform today's production pattern, it needs not only the domestic numerous API the transformation from simple API to preparation production, also need to internal hardware and software upgrading, as with the European Union, the United States and other developed countries of the standard.

Cic Zhang Yanlin consultancy study director, said in production, as an API API manufacturing enterprises in China for many years has accumulated a lot of experience, also emerged a group of active pharmaceutical ingredients enterprises have a high standard of production capacity, huahai pharmaceutical industry, for example, is the domestic first preparation through the FDA certification of enterprises, with independent intellectual property rights, however, as of now in our country still does not implement the "ice-breaking", and make products with independent intellectual property rights is the key of the future medicine industry development.